Alleged Islamic Terrorist Attempts Attack in Spanish Supermarket

Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

This just in from the Daily Mail:

A gunman has opened fire in a Spanish supermarket shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’.

The attacker, who was reportedly carrying gasoline and gunpowder, walked into the Mercadona shop, in the As Lagoas region of the northwestern region Ourense, before opening firing shots into the air.

Several shoppers were inside the supermarket when the man entered and fired several shots into the air, causing emergency services to swoop on the building.

The incompetent Islamic terrorist failed to kill anyone.

Will the Islamic apologist kooks cry “false flag” on this one too as they customarily do? What the hell would be the point of a false flag in some random part of northern Spain?

It makes sense that ISIS sympathizers (if that’s what this guy was) want to attack Spain since the Spanish military is involved in training the Iraqi security forces in their fight against Daesh:

Alongside its Global Coalition partners, Spain is playing an important role in international efforts building the capabilities of Iraq’s Security Forces as Iraq’s military leads the fight against Daesh. As part of this collective international effort, Spain is playing a leading role providing training and education to Iraq’s Army and its Special Forces.

Since Spain is already involved in the anti-Daesh coalition that is training and assisting the Iraqis, it does not follow that any “false flag” was needed to spur further engagement. This is usually when the false-flag theorists invoke a more murky, esoteric motive about creating generic “chaos” in society, or something like that. In this Spain case, nobody was killed and the terrorist was arrested alive – a pretty shoddy false-flag if that’s what it was.

The false-flag obsessives among us do not have a coherent narrative. At times they say ISIS is real when the group attacks Syrian or Iraqi military forces, but then declare the group a made-up fantasy when it launches attacks against Western targets. So what is the story? Is ISIS really killing people in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East… or is that all fake too?

Some claim the filmed beheadings of Western captives like James Foley, Alan Henning and others were faked with “green screens”. Yet one can easily find shockingly real beheading videos on Live Leak. So if real beheadings are happening, and they surely are along with drownings, crucifixions, immolations and other depraved executions, then what would be the point of “faking” the beheadings of those people in particular? So only some of the beheadings are fake and others are real? Why fake only some when they’re clearly doing them for real in other cases? What would be the point? I don’t see any conceivable reason why ISIS would need to fake a beheading when they have perpetrated such acts routinely and on a mass scale throughout this war, in both Iraq and Syria.

Moreover, digital enhancement does not necessarily prove that the videos in question are “fake” – fake implying that the killings shown did not take place and that the victims were actors playing a part. ISIS clearly edits their videos and adds special effects to give a Hollywood style cinematic feel to them, making them more impactful to the targeted audience. Adding in special effects does not prove that the events we are seeing did not take place – just that they were livened up a bit with strategic camera cuts and spooky lighting and graphics.

I’m not saying false flags don’t happen. They’ve happened in the past and will probably happen in the future. But the hijacking of genuine false flag investigative research by kooks who declare within a minute of the news breaking that it’s a hoax have spoiled that whole area of inquiry and made it unpalatable for serious researchers.

And more generally, what are these people trying to say who want to argue that all of these ISIS attacks are false flags? That ISIS is actually an innocent group being framed for terrorism? That it doesn’t do terrorism and doesn’t kill anybody? You can find many clear examples of that group’s terrorism in the Middle East. That group has definitely earned its devilish reputation as sub-human brutes, so what sense does it make spending your time “debunking” this or that attack blamed on them when surely they are responsible for real bloodshed elsewhere? If these ISIS idiots didn’t do these attacks, then why do they constantly take credit for them? And if they are stupid and insane enough to take responsibility for attacks they didn’t do, then why would you bother trying to exonerate such puerile scum when they themselves don’t want to be exonerated?

A lot of these attacks have been done by ISIS supporters/sympathizers radicalized online and not directly by the group itself. ISIS propaganda percolating through the internet is certainly powerful enough to inspire lone-wolf Islamist nut jobs to take matters into their own hands. ISIS is so decentralized that young radicals would be easy prey for intelligence agencies who, through informants and provocateurs, can spur them to action relatively easily. Just look at these two demented clowns hamming it up while watching an ISIS execution video:

I don’t see what’s so hard to believe that some of these things are real. If thousands of Muslims from the West, Russia, China, Central Asia, North America and other places have heeded the ISIS call to go join the fight in the Middle East, why wouldn’t we expect some of them to heed the call for attacks in the West?

Many of the people “debunking” ISIS outrages in the West, wholeheartedly support Syrian and Russian efforts to eradicate the group and others like it in the Middle East. They need to make up their mind about what they believe because they’re promoting a confused jumble of contradictory theories and its achieving nothing but confusing people.


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