Jewish Subversive David Cole Calls On Alt-Righters to Support Israel

Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

David Cole, a Jewish subversive who admitted infiltrating the Holocaust revisionist movement in order to “play both sides” to make money, has in his sarcastic Taki’s Magazine column implored Alt-Righters to embrace Israel on the basis that it’s an ethno-state.


Alt-Righters should cozy up to the Jewish state because it “build walls to halt immigration, unapologetically racially profile[s] in the name of safety, [and] unashamedly fight[s] to preserve” itself at all costs, Cole wrote.

The main thrust of the musings of right-wing Jews like Cole, and assorted Zio-cucks on the right, is to convince the Alt-Right to drop criticism of Jewish power and to champion Israel as a “brother” nation in the struggle against liberalism. In other words, right-wing Jews are willing to throw white nationalists a bone – putting a stopper on immigration – in exchange for dropping the Jewish issue altogether. For right-wing Jews, this works out perfectly, as Jews continue to exercise a privileged position in Western societies and Israel surges forward towards global superpower status with nothing holding it back. This unprincipled “compromise” has been embraced by some on the Alt-Right, who themselves outright support Israel and right-wing Jewry, or have hopes of an alliance.

“Yet rather than admiration from the “white right,” Israel gets hostility,” Cole fumed in his column, clearly upset that many on the Alt-Right don’t like Israel and are critical of Jewish influence. Cole’s deception is that there’s no reason to believe that right-wing Jews like the Likudniks in Israel actually want Whites to be like them and form ethno-states. If anything, the Jewish right-wingers, at least the ones who actually have power in Israel, are content with diaspora Jewry’s left-wing advocacy in the West, and would rather maintain the current status quo of multiculturalism for the West and monoculturalism for Israel.

No better illustration of this was when Avigdor Lieberman, probably the most radical right-wing Zionist politician in Israel, called for “neo-Nazi” parties in Europe to be shunned. In 2014 Haaretz reported that, “Israel urged Europe’s rising right-wing parties on Sunday not to ally with “neo-Nazi, racist” parties, saying it would not recognize political blocs with ties to such groups.” Lieberman labeled Hungary’s Jobbik and Greece’s Golden Dawn “neo-Nazi, racist,” declaring them “illegitimate and void,” and encouraged more “moderate” rightists of the pro-Zionist bent to cast them asunder.

Cole’s wishful thinking of a right-wing Jew-Gentile alliance does not magically make the more globalist wing of Jewry disappear and cease and desist their destructive activities to multiculturalize the West. That program will continue full steam ahead. Whether there is some intellectual camaraderie between White and Jewish nationalists or not, globalist Jews like George Soros are not going to miraculously throw in the towel and give up on the Kalergi plan.

So, in this respect, it serves no purpose whatever to align with Jewish nationalists on the sole basis that their exclusionist policies in Israel are similar to what white nationalist Alt-Righters desire. Alt-Righters could just as easily justify aligning with Palestinian nationalists on the same grounds. And it is not Palestinian nationalists who are manipulating Western countries to embroil themselves in a series of quagmire wars in the Middle East that have bankrupted our economies and invited violent blowback on our shores from angry Muslims seeking revenge. It was the Jewish Right, led by Benjamin Netanyahu, who made that happen using deception and lies to trick gullible fools in America into believing that regimes which challenge Israeli domination in the Middle East are existential security threats to the West. Right-wing Zionists are content to use Western armies as cannon fodder for them in the Middle East and then to channel Muslim anger towards the West, so long as Israel is not in the crosshairs.


Later in the piece Cole criticizes Arabs for constantly “whining” about losing their land to the Jews in a war (conveniently breezing over the part about Jewish terrorists ethnically cleansing hundreds of Arab villages before this “war” started), but failing to foment a winning strategy to gain it back and accomplish their goals. While Arabs certainly do complain about this, perhaps more than they should, I don’t see how Arab and Muslim grumbling about Palestine is even comparable to that of the Jews who take every opportunity to remind the world of their immeasurable and unique “suffering,” whether in the alleged Holocaust, the Inquisition, pogroms, or even today as they portray themselves as the poor victims of Arab and Islamic terrorism. Cole doesn’t criticize his own for their pedantic victimhood schtick and endless whining which has been the staple of Jewish propaganda for centuries. Whatever complaining Arabs do today about things currently afflicting them in the Middle East, it is far outmatched by Jewish sobbing over things that happened hundreds of years ago.

One reason Palestinians haven’t been “successful” in their fight with Israel is because Jews who support Israel control a vast proportion of the world’s wealth and resources, and have put those riches fully at the disposal of the Jewish state. Another reason is that by nature Palestinians are not as aggressive, militant and cutthroat as Zionist Jews who invariably are not averse to using blackmail, bribery, murder and crime to get what they want at all costs. Maniac Zionists have taken huge risks to secure their interests, such as staging terrorist attacks on Western targets in efforts to frame Arab enemies and induce a Western response. Unlike the Palestinians, the Zionists act with the knowledge and assurance that their powerful co-religionists who dominate politics and finance in much of the West will always have their back and will work overtime to cover Israel’s bloody tracks if they’re ever caught betraying an “ally,” as they did with the USS Liberty incident in 1967 and with 9/11.

Palestinians are decidedly more ethical by nature than their Jewish-Zionist opponents, who are known for their cunning and duplicity. Zionist Jews play an extremely dirty game to win the physical and propaganda battle over Israel/Palestine, something that Cole doesn’t take into account when mocking the Palestinians for constantly “losing” to their Jewish betters.

Moreover, it’s not even true that Palestinians haven’t fomented any effective strategies to fight back against their dispossession. In recent years they’ve adopted the tactic of lawfare; taking their case against Israel to international courts and the UN, where they have some sympathy. Palestinians started the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) movement, which has taken off worldwide and has activists in dozens of countries running boycott campaigns targetting Israeli products in supermarkets and stores. BDS has already dealt significant damage to Israel’s economy in recent years. A leaked Israeli government report itself acknowledged the movement could cost Israel $4.1 billion a year in revenue. Israeli politicians are so worried about BDS that they’ve organized a plethora of conferences to brainstorm countermeasures against the movement, calling it the “greatest threat” Israel faces currently.

All of this grandiloquence from Cole reveals his true motives and agenda: to advance the interests of Jews at the expense of Gentiles. He is demanding that Alt-Righters, who are white nationalists, stop what they’re doing and become Sabbath Goys for a foreign power based entirely on the superficial similarity between Jewish and White nationalisms. Cole’s strategy, like other Zio-cucks who have infiltrated the Alt-Right under the Alt-Lite banner, is to steer the discourse into line with his subversive and hostile agenda which aims to empower Jews and harm Gentiles.

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