Quebec Mosque Shooting and the Problem of Kosher Conservatism


Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

A French-Canadian student, Alexandre Bissonnette, has been charged with multiple counts of murder after he allegedly opened fire in a Quebec mosque, killing six worshippers and wounding many others.

Media are reporting that among his “likes” on Facebook were pages for Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen (the French nationalist politician) and the Israel Defense Forces. People who knew Bissonnette say he talked a lot about the refugee crisis and Islam.

The latter signifies precisely the problem of kosher conservatism, an outdated, subversive ideology that has infiltrated nationalist circles and steered discourse to serve radical Jewish-Zionist imperatives.

Based on his Facebook likes and frequent discussion points noted by his university peers, the alleged Quebec mosque shooter was clearly influenced by the feculent pro-Jewish, pro-Israel wing of the “alt-right” (what has been dubbed the “alt-lite”) which aims, primarily, to convince Western nationalists and traditionalists that Israel and right-wing Jewry are an asset in the struggle against “Islam and the regressive left.”

The uniform message across the spectrum of kosher conservative punditry is that Muslim immigration is bad, that the modern West is a force for “good,” and that Jewish power is off-limits for deliberation.

Tabloid right-wing outlets like Infowars, Rebel Media and Breitbart form the nucleus of this insurgent kosher conservative network. From their online soapboxes, they all push American exceptionalism, counter-jihad and pro-Israel narratives, whilst concurrently stigmatizing critics of Jewish power and Israel as “neo-Nazis” or “cucks” for Islam and Muslims.

A few years ago Paul Joseph Watson, Alex Jones’ delirious sidekick at Infowars, shifted his focus from government conspiracies to radical Islam and as a result has experienced a massive increase in traffic to his videos. He’s gained a prominent voice on kosher conservative media channels who frequently tap him for interviews on current events.

Watson is a two-bit copy-cat of Stefan Molyneux, the former atheist-anarchist who, over the course of the past year, radically morphed into a Western “chauvinist,” statist “conservative” and Donald Trump sycophant. A former businessman, Molyneux sensed a monetary opportunity with the rise of Trump, deciding to tap into this new media market to grow his online following and donor base as the atheist/anarchist market was losing steam. Copying Molyneux’s gimmick, Watson uses clickbait tactics of providing endless fatuous commentary on trendy current events and social issues as well as titling videos “The Truth About…” to draw in gullible morons. Like Molyneux, Watson decided that there was more money and fame in making pseudo “politically incorrect” attacks on kosher, acceptable targets like Islam, “liberals” and Black Lives Matter, than there ever was in issues like false flags and deep state skullduggery.

The central role of Jewish supremacists in foisting multiculturalism on the West is dutifully avoided by the clickbait brigade. Since views, likes and retweets is all they care about, talking about the real taboos in society – most prominently Jewish-Zionist power and its destructive impact on the world – will not win them supporters and will certainly scare off potential investors. Alex Jones admitted that years ago, quietly confiding to a guest off-the-air that “it doesn’t even do any good” to talk about Zionism and Jewish power on his show, which was, at that time, a little more honest and principled than it is now.

The method of the alt-lite is to focus all energies calling out supposed hypocrisies of leftists, the Democratic Party in the US, and so on. They will point out that at one time top Democrats supported similar policies to what Trump is advocating today. For instance, Democrat politician Joe Biden once opposed admitting Vietnamese refugees into the US in the 1970s while Washington was making war on that country, whereas today he condemns Trump’s partial ban on the entry of people from seven Muslim-majority countries. As a Senator, Hillary Clinton supported building a border fence to contain illegal Mexican immigration. There is also a clip of Clinton talking about “securing our borders,” deporting illegal immigrants who’ve committed crimes and incentivizing the Mexican government to crack down on border jumpers. Bill Clinton, when he was president in 1995, gave a speech denouncing illegal immigration and the threat it posed to US sovereignty, all of which is strikingly similar to the things Trump is saying today.

Yes, these hypocrites on the left exist and should be called out, but that’s all the alt-lite are intent on doing: playing up the kosher “Dems are the real racists” paradigm while advocating attenuated economic and civic nationalism. They refuse to address the root cause of the leftist/globalist malaise they whine about: Jewish power.

When confronted with a question about Jewish domination of the media and Hollywood, Watson declared that as an “expert” who tracks media narratives he’s in a position to confirm that Jews are “not that present” or influential, attributing theories of Jewish conspiracy or power to the delusions of “neo-Nazis and white supremacists.” “People obsessed with Jews controlling the world never seem to present any evidence,” he said, trying to justify his avoidance of the topic by playing dumb about the indisputable fact that Jews dominate all influential sectors of Western societies.

Watson’s ignorant and shill-like position was contradicted by one of his own alt-lite compatriots, Milo Yiannopoulos, a British-born half-Jewish flamboyant homosexual who has become a figure-head for alt-liteism. In various interviews (see above video), Yiannopoulos confided that Jews “are vastly overrepresented in the media… and banking” and that the more genuine alt-righters willing to tackle the issue are “right about all that stuff.” “It’s what you do with that information,” Yiannopoulos told an interviewer, that matters. In other words, Yiannopoulos, who is a pro-Israel neocon, will acknowledge Jewish power exists but says that anyone who would perhaps endeavour to remedy that situation is wrongheaded. Essentially the position of Yiannopoulos is that Jews should be allowed to wield disproportionate control over societies in which they live, guiding the fate of whole nations for their own tribal self-interest, but that we should only be allowed to “talk” about their abuses of power around the dinner table while we continue to suffer indefinitely under their tyrannical misrule.

Ezra Levant, head of Rebel Media, a Fox News imitation based in Canada, makes similar coy inferences to Yiannopoulos. A fervent Zionist Jew, Levant has at times criticized his co-religionists of a more left-wing bent for their leading role in creating “hate speech laws” in the West, but he makes sure to mostly blame Muslims and “liberals” for the world’s problems. Levant is taking advantage of the Trump presidency to build his cucked audience and to continue deceiving White Christians with Zionist agitprop. Casting himself in the role of principled Jewish defender of Whites and Christians from Islam and the radical left, Levant’s agenda is to cultivate and stoke up mobs of Judeo-Christian dupes willing to sacrifice themselves as kamikazes in a modern crusade against Israel’s Islamic/Arab enemies in the Middle East.

At Rebel Media, Levant employs several attractive “Shiksas,” Lauren Southern and Faith Goldy,  to read out the news with a kosher spin. Like mindless drones with no original thoughts of their own, the two fame-hungry women parrot Levant’s Zionist line on Israel and most other issues. While the Rebel is now catering to an alt-lite crowd, they make sure to distance themselves from actual “Nazis” and often tout their Judeo-Christian, pro-Israel bonafides. Fashioning herself as the Ann Coulter of Canada, Southern has made war with Social Justice Warriors on the streets of Toronto and has written a screed about how “baby boomers, immigrants and Islam” are ruining the once-great “Judeo-Christian” incarnation of the post-WWII, Zionist-run cuckolded West. Her Jewish boss, Levant, heartily approves of her misdirection. Faith Goldy – the other Christian Zionist bimbo “journalist” Levant took under his wing – is a particularly enthusiastic Shabbas Goy who, when working for the Jewish-run Sun News Network (the forerunner to Rebel Media), produced a video advertising Israeli-made machine guns, imploring Canadians to buy the weapons as a counter measure to the pro-Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.

Kosher Judeophile conservatives like Watson, Jones, Yiannopoulos, Levant and others are acting as praetorian muscle guarding the gates of Jewish privilege and power. While some of their critiques of Islam are valid, their overall focus and extreme emphasis on symptoms rather than causes is problematic. Then, to top it off, they attempt to twist reality with nauseating disinformation linking the modern left to Nazism or Islam as opposed to its true godfather, Judaism.

Alex Jones himself said that he “doesn’t care” if, in 30 years, the US is 80% brown so long as they believe in “freedom” and vote for “conservative” political candidates. The Dutch populist Geert Wilders and other Zionist-friendly “nationalist” forces in Europe maintain that it is only Muslim immigration that is the problem, welcoming with open arms non-Muslim African blacks, Hindu Indians, non-religious Asians and Christian Latinos, as well as intra-European immigration. These are not true nationalists, but rather Mammonists who worship the almighty dollar and genuflect to counterfeit and degenerate “Judeo-Christian” values.

Not only do these compromised hacks distract from the Jewish supremacist origins of Cultural Marxism and political correctness, they concurrently misdiagnose the motives behind Western foreign policies in the Muslim world. Watson and Jones especially, who give substantially more air-time to discussions of foreign policy than the other alt-lite charlatans, push the skewed line that the current woes of the Middle East is squarely the fault of Obama and Clinton, who, they charge, are exclusively doing the bidding of radical Islam out of Saudi Arabia. This disinformation is built on half-truths about the West’s favourable treatment of that subservient oil sheikhdom and the covert aid delivered to radical Salafi insurrectionaries in places like Libya and Syria, the latter being a policy born more of Zionist inspiration than Saudi, although the reprobate Saudi rulers are certainly complicit in it.


The true mastermind of most of the Middle East’s wars and instability is undoubtedly Israel, and specifically the Netanyahu Likud faction which took over the Bush administration in 2001, helping orchestrate 9/11 as a foreign policy coup to drag the US into a perpetual and endless “war on terror” directed from Mossad headquarters in Tel Aviv. Indisputably, the Iraq war was first conceived in Israel and then brought about by Jewish neoconservatives in Washington loyal to the Netanyahu-Sharon coalition.

The NATO intervention in Libya was, again, mainly organized by Zionist Jews for the purposes of removing the Libyan strongman, Muammar Gaddafi, who was an old foe of Israel. Gaddafi was a major backer of the Palestinian cause for decades and was the main target of Israeli false flag schemes back in the 1980s and 1990s (ex. Operation Trojan). Gaddafi often criticized other Arab leaders for capitulating or weakening their stance on the Israel-Palestine issue. In a 2008 speech where he predicted his own demise at the hands of America, Gaddafi called for Israel to subtract its borders back to the 1948 dividing lines as mandated by the UN. At other times he had suggested Israel disappear entirely.

The chief war propagandist and lobbyist for Western intervention in Libya to take down Gaddafi was the French-Jewish “philosopher” Bernard Henri Levy. He almost singlehandedly pushed both France and the US into that conflict. Speaking at a meeting of Jewish lobbyists in France, Levy disclosed to his co-religionists that he undertook his war mission in Libya “as a Jew” committed to Zionism. He has elsewhere referenced his Judaism as a motivating factor for what he does, which is mostly agitating for revolution, war and tumult in Gentile nations across the planet. Now he’s touting a new book, The Spirit of Judaism, wherein the global troublemaker exalts the “universalist” principles of his Judaic religion, which is only ever applied to non-Jews.

Likewise with dethroning the Assad dynasty in Syria; an Israeli plot from the outset and described as essential for Israel’s survival in Zionist documents dating back to the 1990s. Iran, the next regime on the neocon chopping block, is today considered Israel’s principal regional rival, the downfall of which is evidently a personal obsession of Netanyahu.

While other players and regimes were either manipulated or bribed into supporting and contributing to these ruinous mid-east gambits, the prime movers conspiring most actively behind the scenes to kickstart the turmoil were influential Jewish supremacists of a Likudnik and globalist bent.

Zionist-shielding charlatans like Jones and Watson, however, never draw attention to the real culprits. Instead, they claim these wars are the personal initiatives of front-men, puppet politicians like Obama and Clinton. They further confuse by attributing nonsensical Islamist motives to Obama, even though most of the tens of thousands of people killed by Obama’s foreign policy have been Muslims.

When Obama was propagandizing for the Libya war, he relied heavily on disinformation about a Gaddafi plot to dispense Viagra pills to his soldiers to fuel a rape rampage against disloyal civilians. That false story was channeled to the Obama administration through Clinton’s top political aide, Sidney Blumenthal, a Globalist-Zionist Jew who was simply repeating rumours circulated by anti-Gaddafi rebels. Obama and other top officials repeated that apocryphal trope, that Gaddafi was using “rape as a weapon of war,” over and over again. In 2009, Obama delivered a speech at a Holocaust Remembrance gathering and pledged to use his presidency to ensure “atrocities like the Holocaust” don’t happen again.

Throughout his presidency Obama continued to pay homage to the sacred Shoah, invoking the “lessons” of that questionable event to support his interventionist disposition on foreign policy. He gave another speech in 2011 at the launch of the “Genocide Prevention Initiative” in collaboration with the US Holocaust Museum. Elie Wiesel, the fanatic Zionist pope of the Holocaust industry, introduced the president’s speech saying that, “Israel is so important, not only to the Jew that I am and the Jewish people, but to the world, Israel cannot not remember [the Holocaust] and because of this it must be strong, just to defend its own survival and its own destiny.”

Remember that much of the phony impetus and humanitarian virtue signalling for the war in Libya, as was also attempted but ultimately failed to come to fruition in Syria, was to stop Gaddafi from “perpetrating a genocide” on his own people. So again, we find the logic and propaganda of Zionism and the Holocaust industry wielded expertly to induce wars tailor-made to further shore up Israeli hegemony in the Middle East and North Africa. Alex Jones and company cannot talk about this because it would antagonize their Jewish advertisers and network sponsors as well as their newly-obtained Christian Zionist kook audience.

The shooting in Quebec illustrates this growing menace that is subverting nationalism, where young men concerned about the future of the West are throwing their lives away to attack powerless Muslims praying in a mosque who only exist in our societies because the Jewish elite architects behind open borders mass immigration and multiculturalism brought them here. Misguided fools like Bissonnette are being purposely misled by alt-lite kosher conservatives to view Muslims as the primary problem as opposed to a symptom of a much larger globalist project which traces its roots to Jewish messianism and anti-Gentile hatred.

Of course, the mosque attack has also elicited a predictable response from the pro-open borders left, embodied by Canada’s Cutural Marxist Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who took to Twitter to condemn racism, extol multiculturalism and recite the “diversity is our strength” mantra. This is also a wrong position from the opposite end of the controlled left-right paradigm, with both sides failing to properly analyze the underlying forces at work who are manipulating all sides to their benefit.

The central issue of Jewish power is what binds all of this malfeasance together. Failing to comprehend the big picture will ultimately lead to misplaced anger and false solutions that intersect at a dead-end for true nationalists.


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