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Non-Aligned Media / Brandon Martinez

I appreciate all the regular readers of this website and their commitment to upholding the principle of nonalignment in this increasingly partisan environment we are faced with.

Much of alt-media has gone down the proverbial tubes, becoming little more than propagandists for the “lesser evils” in world politics. Choose a side, they say, or be labelled a “shill”.

The difference between them and I is that I call out and hold accountable all elites and power structures, whereas they only find fault with some elites and not others. I try my best to look at all the angles, investigate all the sides, and logically analyze what’s happening and who’s responsible for the planet’s calamities.

Yet my focus on identifying and exposing the true overlords of our world, international Zionism and its globalist partners in crime, has remained steadfast – few others have so consistently unveiled the plots of that cabal and their leading role in ruining the world.

I care nothing for page views or “likes” on Facebook – evidently I’m not trying to win a popularity contest. If I did I would have jumped on one of the popular bandwagons that are sweeping up the “alternative” opportunist media who would toss their alleged principles out the window the second a big media company offered them a job, and who have effectively already done so as they maneuver themselves into a more mainstream role in the era of Trump.

I simply call it how I see it. And I think that, more often than not, I hit the mark.

For those who appreciate my approach, please consider becoming a regular contributor/subscriber.

What I do here requires a lot of time and effort. Researching and writing articles, making YouTube videos, and recording podcasts – it’s not an easy task.

If only 20 of my regular readers would give only $10/month, that would substantially help me continue with more writing and research projects, videos, podcasts, etc., as I wouldn’t have to spend so much time working a day job to pay the bills.

I’m not going to put anything behind a paywall – I don’t feel the need to do so, nor do I have a big enough audience for that to be viable anyway. If I did that my viewership would probably dwindle down to a few core people who really like my work. So, yes, you will still be able to see all of my content without subscribing. But this message is for those who voluntarily would like to chip in on a monthly basis to further my efforts.

Many thanks to all those who have contributed before. Your help has been invaluable in keeping this website afloat over the past three years since its launch.

For those wishing to make a monthly contribution, click the button below. Or for those wanting to make a one-time contribution, you can do that HERE.

All the best,
Brandon Martinez

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