Russian Neo-Imperialist Dugin Called for Genocide of Disobedient Ukrainians

Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

Back in 2014 Russian neo-imperialist “philosopher” Aleksander Dugin exhorted Russians to “kill, kill, kill” Ukrainians.

In other comments that year, which is when the deadly Russia-Ukraine conflict first erupted, Dugin appears to have advocated genocide of disobedient Ukrainians who stubbornly refuse to submit to Muscovite supremacy. In a post on a Russian social media website he called Ukrainians – especially the ones supporting the Maidan movement to overturn Kremlin ally Yanukovich – “evil cretins” and suggests genocide as a solution to deal with them.

Dugin is a leading proponent, if not the architect, of militarist Eurasianism, a neo-imperialist philosophy that champions resurrecting a Russian imperium over former Russian colonies and subjects.

Dugin is an outspoken supporter of the Russian-backed separatists who seized control of the Donbass region in eastern Ukraine and has been accused of recruiting fighters for their cause through his Eurasian Youth organization. Not only does he back the violent separatism of Russian militants in Ukraine, he advocated for a full-scale Russian military invasion, rhetorically asking “why stop at Luhansk and Donetsk?

Despite his militant bombast and wild exhortations to subjugate, kill and subdue anyone he sees as foes of Kremlin hegemony, Dugin has attracted support from certain factions of white nationalism based in North America and Europe, as well as less racial Russophiles in the “alternative” media.

The Alt-Right publishing house Arktos frequently publishes works and articles by Dugin and invites him to speak at their conferences. The newly launched website, founded by Richard Spencer and an assortment of other Alt-Right personalities, is featuring and promoting Dugin’s projects.

It’s been noted that Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer is married to a Russian, Nina Kouprianova, who is an outspoken Russian revanchist and runs a blog where she translates and publishes the works of Dugin into English. Spencer recently gave an interview to Dugin’s Katehon think-tank wherein he exalts Putin’s Russia and praises Trump for his fealty to the Kremlin. “In the United States media environment, everyone loves to bash Putin, loves to bash Russia,” moaned Spencer, writing off all assertions of Kremlin misconduct as “lies.”

Other alt-media kooks less oriented to white nationalism and more into conspiracy “analysis,” like Jay Dyer, grovel to Dugin and applaud his “anti-liberal” philosophizing which amounts to little more than high-brow Fox News rhetoric that scapegoats a vague political idea for Jewish supremacist schemes.

Dugin has been criticized for other questionable remarks and statements, such as when he defended cannibalism. He wrote on his social media page that eating humans is essentially no different than consuming animals, and that he finds the savage practice of cannibalism amongst some primitive West-African tribes “perfectly reasonable and fully responsible.”

Dugin has expressed mild pro-Zionist views on Israel, stating in one interview that “being anti-NATO, anti-West, we are not against Israel” in principle. The Russian state and Putin personally have “nothing against Israel or Jews,” he added. They have no hostility towards Jews and Israel in Russian society, Dugin said, and the large amount of Jews of Russian descent living in Israel produces “sympathy” for the country amongst many Russians.

Dugin is also a proponent of using lies to advance his belligerent Russian agenda. Speaking to a BBC reporter, he advocated making use of postmodernist ideology and extreme relativism in order to brainwash people with his “special Russian truth.” “We could use postmodernity in order to explain to the West” the Russian point of view, he said, irrespective of the actual truth because it’s all “relative” according to postmodernist philosophy.


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