Trump Pushes Forward With Border Wall and Partial Muslim Ban

Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

US President Donald Trump has followed through on some of his campaign promises, signing a flurry of executive orders that will pull the US out of the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership), initiate plans for construction of the border wall, and ban refugees and migrants from seven troubled Middle Eastern and North African countries plagued by terror and instability.

The moves have unleashed a tidal wave of liberal-leftist hysteria, who see any restriction on migration as tantamount to Hitlerian Fascism. The globalist left believe that preventing certain people from entering whichever country they please at any time is one step away from concentration camps, likening walls, fences and other impediments to unlimited freedom of movement to “what the Nazis did” in the 1930s.

Trump’s ban on refugees and migrants from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen is incontestably rational when considering that most of these countries have been consumed by civil wars and militancies. Why would any country want to import people from conflict zones not knowing who they are or what they intend to do once they arrive?

Should we just ignore the deadly lessons from Europe, which has witnessed a horrid spate of migrant sexual assaults and terror attacks – in cafes, on subways, concert halls, Christmas markets, etc. – since its borders were thrust open during the migrant crisis? Mentally unstable and traumatized migrants cannot be viewed entirely as victims of war who need our tender love and care. They’ve shown a propensity to pay back generosity with bloody murder on innocent civilians. Not all migrants are terrorists, certainly, but even one rotten apple can spoil the whole batch.

Trump’s executive action has prompted backlash from some European leaders who, committed to globalism and Kalergiite principles of creating an identity-bereft slave class, supported unchecked mass immigration into their countries for years. Cucked politicians from Germany and France condemned the halt on migrants from war-torn regions of the Middle East, flaunting their own “openness” to dangerous levels of migration which has led to an ungodly crime spree resulting in dozens of their citizens murdered in terrorist attacks over the past few years.

Angela Merkel, the queen of open borders insanity, is still politically reeling from a truck attack on a Christmas market in Berlin by a recent Tunisian asylum seeker. Merkel’s decision in 2015 to allow 1.5 million Syrian refugees and others into Germany unleashed an unprecedented wave of violence and crime across German cities, with intelligence agencies now warning that terrorists may target the German public water supply with chemical weapons. RT reported:

Weeks after the Christmas market attack in Berlin, German government reportedly issued a paper stating the country is at “high risk” of terrorist attacks carried out by “Islamist-motivated perpetrators” who may employ large amounts of chemicals to target drinking water supplies.

The government apparently takes the threat seriously as the paper – accessed by Bild magazine – directs the German armed forces, intelligence agencies and emergency services to prepare for action in the event of a chemical attack.

Yet, despite all the problems barrelling into Europe since it stupidly welcomed the migrant and refugee incursions in 2015, EU leaders still belligerently maintain that immigration must continue. They are dutifully following the orders of globalist chieftains George Soros and Peter Sutherland who have openly propagandized and lobbied for “undermining the national homogeneity” of EU member states.

Billionaire Soros has put up $500 million of his own money towards facilitating migrant resettlement in Europe. He has demanded that the EU submit one million refugees per year for the foreseeable future, using his power of the purse to blackmail governments into acquiescing to his ruinous messianic agenda of a one-world super-state beholden to Mammonite ideals of consumerism and deviancy. Soros has, in the past, plunged entire countries into economic chaos by manipulating currencies through stock market schemes. Thus he wields unbelievable leverage over Europe’s weak and decrepit leadership to dance along to his menacing globalist tune which, at its core, is a Jewish supremacist hymn of Old Testament extraction.

Not wanting to appear a hypocrite, one leader that has praised Trump’s border wall idea with Mexico is Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, citing the “great success” of the wall he built along the Egyptian border to stop African migrants from entering Israel.

The stark difference in how the general public, certain politicians and media react to Trump’s restrictionist immigration proposals as opposed to Israel’s even more reclusive border policies is a testament to the privilege and power of Jews. Seen as perpetual victims of “anti-Semitism” – thanks to decades of self-serving propaganda from the Jewish-dominated movie and entertainment industry – Jews are essentially given a pass when they implement ethnically discriminatory policies in their “Jewish homeland,” but when a White Gentile leader, such as Trump or others in Europe, adopt similar measures to protect their cultures they are universally condemned as Nazi racists of a Hitlerian bent.

The pejorative Nazi labeling is particularly dumb considering that Trump is a fervent Zionist bootlicker and little more than a Judeo-Christian dupe who has fostered a watered-down, kosher civic nationalism with subversive Zionist Jews at the helm of it. He refuses to tackle the issue of Jewish power and misdirects opprobrium for what are effectively elite Jewish policies of foreign wars for Israel and domestic multiculturalism. Many of the countries on his Muslim prohibition list were earmarked for destruction by the Netanyahu-led Neocon/Zionist gang back in 2001 and have variously been destabilized according to the Zionist project laid out in  Israeli geopolitical documents dating back to the 1980s. This is something Trump will never draw attention to as he is himself a life-long cuck for Israel and Zionism.

Concurrently, this is why false voices in “alternative” media, such as Infowars, Breitbart, Rebel Media and others, have completely skirted over the disproportionate Jewish origins of Cultural Marxism, political correctness, feminism, multiculturalism and mass immigration. They have craftily deemphasized George Soros’ Jewish roots, instead playing up the history of his alleged collaboration with the Nazis in rounding up Hungarian Jews during the war. But this was merely an act of self-preservation on Soros’ part, as he imparted in the interview posted above, because the Jews would have been rounded up whether he cooperated with the Nazi authorities or not. Soros’ globalist open borders advocacy is opposite to the strident nationalism Hitler was preaching in Germany, so any suggestion that what Soros does is born of a “Nazi” persuasion is nonsensical fiction.

In reality, Soros’ plans are concordant with Jewish messianism of tearing down the Gentile nations and forcing them into servitude to our Jewish “superiors.” The “chosen people” were selected by almighty Yahweh to rule over the Goyim and “suck their milk,” as it is described in the prophesies of Isaiah. Underpinning the philosophy of European globalists are the bizarre screeds of Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, the ideological inspiration behind European integration and the EU, who wrote in his 1925 manifesto Practical Idealism that Jews would form a “racial aristocracy” in Europe ruling over a “Eurasian-Negroid race of the future” who lack an identity or culture that is necessary to resist alien influences and subjugation.


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