Trump Slaps Sanctions on Iran After Missile Test

Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media 

The Trump administration has slapped fresh sanctions on Iran after that nation conducted a ballistic missile test, proving wrong all of those wishful thinkers in the “alternative media” who were propagating the mythology that Trump was only “pretending” to be a Zionist to win the election.

The sanctions “target 13 people and 12 companies, including groups in China, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates,” reported the BBC.

“Iran is playing with fire – they don’t appreciate how ‘kind’ President Obama was to them. Not me!” Trump tweeted out in defense of the decision.

Days before announcing the sanctions, Trump’s top national security advisor Michael Flynn told the press that Iran was ‘on notice’.

Flynn, a former general who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, has been a hawkish proponent of regime change in Iran for years. Last year the military grunt co-authored a book with Michael Ledeen, an arch-neocon and leading protagonist of the war on terror and the war in Iraq during the Bush years, entitled The Field of Fight: How We Can Win the Global War Against Radical Islam and Its Allies. The book is an alarmist screed pleading for a renewed and more aggressive approach to the manufactured terror war.

Top Republicans, including Senator John McCain, have praised the sanctions.

The anti-Iranian posturing of the Trump administration is unsurprising to those who have observed Trump’s actual pattern of behaviour as opposed to the mind-reading fantasist guesswork of loons who populate the alternative press. Trump has been consistently belligerent towards Iran, which he, echoing the language of his “good friend” Benjamin Netanyahu, has variously branded as the “leading state-sponsor of terrorism” and a menace to the Middle East and the world.

When the Obama administration rolled out the Iran nuclear deal, Trump was one of the deal’s loudest opponents and critics. He spoke at an anti-deal rally alongside Republican Senator Ted Cruz, trashing the nuclear accord as the “worst deal” ever made. Arguing against the merits of the deal, Trump told Fox News that it was specifically “really, really bad for Israel.”

Isn’t it strange that someone who champions an “America First” platform seems more concerned with how something affects the foreign nation of Israel?

Now, the Trump administration is eyeing a top neocon who wants a war with Iran for a White House job: Elliott Abrams.

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