Zionist Scammer David Seaman Releases Video Denying Allegations

Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

The Zionist con-artist David Seaman has released a video responding to charges that he is a publicity junkie who was milking the Pizzagate controversy to make money.

At the height of his YouTube popularity Seaman was raking in more than $5000 a month through fund-raising website Patreon. Yet all he ever did, by his own admission, was summarize other peoples’ research about Pizzagate in pedantic, droning monologues. In an op-ed Seaman described his own journalism as merely amplifying the findings of others:

It is important to note that I didn’t come across PizzaGate initially; the code words and creepiness and connections to DC pizza shops all came from others.

All I did, in effect, was doublecheck that this data (Instagram postings, etc.) really was coming from the social media accounts of people closely connected to the Clintons/Podesta – and then double check and analyze the veracity of the Wikileaks email batches. And then consult with people familiar with some of the terminology.

Similarly, my groundbreaking NSA and drone program coverage was not based on my own personal findings, instead it was an amplification of facts I had chosen to independently confirm, and then amplify using my platforms.

Some in the media have even referred to me as an ‘amplification journalist,’ which is fitting. That’s what I do, by design: I don’t have the resources of an investigative news bureau. Instead, when something is bubbling to the surface, I provide the kind of useful service that things like Politifact and Snopes are presumed to provide, but don’t.

I independently verify or discredit.

Seaman kickstarted his publicity scam by falsely claiming he was “fired” from Huffington Post to gain sympathy, when in reality he was merely an unpaid volunteer blogger who had his publishing rights revoked.

In the response video Seaman proffers the lame defence that he was already “well-known” as a journalist before taking up the Pizzagate crusade, so therefore he can’t possibly be in it for the fame or money. This is just another fraudulent claim, as few people had heard of Seaman before he hijacked the Pizzagate controversy to sell himself. How well-known or successful could he have been if he was blogging for free on Huffington Post?

Seaman is a self-styled “veteran promotional stunt-planner” and buzz junkie who told an interviewer that he would “protest gravity” if it got him some attention. His 2008 book The Dirty Little Secrets of Buzz: How to Attract Massive Attention for Your Business, Your Product, or Yourself advises readers how to capitalize on “controversy, scandal-mongering, and social networking [to] turn your message into a viral sensation.” He actually got fired from an internship at the website Jezebel for being a “self-promotional whore,” according to the editors.

Are the weak Pizzagate pedophile ring conspiracy and Hillary Clinton’s supposedly “failing health” not the epitome of “scandal-mongering,” a technique Seaman explicitly advocates in his book as a sure-fire way to generate “buzz”?

In his response Seaman claims his how-to book on buzz is “out of print,” so that must put to rest the suggestion that he was exploiting Pizzagate to sell his tome. But the book’s Amazon page still lists it as for sale in both paperback and kindle.

Many have pointed out that Seaman is a proud Jew and Zionist who, in one video, said he “feels that it’s important to support Israel,” a country he has variously praised as a “canary in the coal-mine” of the Middle East. In another video Seaman criticized Barack Obama and John Kerry for not vetoing a UN resolution condemning Israeli settlements. He pushes the ultra-Zionist line that Obama, who gave Israel the largest-ever aid package in US history before leaving office, is a closet “anti-Semite” simply because he meekly sought to restrain Israel’s out-of-control settlement construction activities late in his second term. Seaman called Obama’s UN abstention on Israeli settlements a “stab in the back of the Jews.”

Seaman continues to affirm his Jewish identity and Zionist leanings, dismissing critics as “thinly veiled anti-Semites.”

The internet PR shyster deleted all of his YouTube videos shortly after a video exposé was released documenting Seaman’s history as a publicity merchant and his ties to a shady company, GoldMoney, which was founded by Israeli Jew Roy Sebag. By Seaman’s own account, that company has received investment from none other than George Soros.

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