Alex Jones Favourably Interviews Ultra-Zionist Disinformation Agent David Horowitz

Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

Further entrenching himself with kosher conservatism and Christian Zionism, on February 17 Alex Jones favourably interviewed and heaped praise on the ultra-Zionist David Horowitz, an unhinged pro-Israel “conservative” activist who runs the David Horowitz Freedom Centre.

Horowitz’ centre functions as a neocon think tank that publishes FrontPage Magazine and Jihad Watch, clearinghouses for Zionist propaganda supporting Netanyahu’s war on terror.

Horowitz, 76, was a former communist radical who defected to “conservatism” when he realized “the left” were not going to cuck for Israel. Alongside a coterie of ex-Trotskyite Zionist Jews, Horowitz stealthily navigated into the “conservative” camp as part of a hostile Jewish takeover of the movement in the 1980s, transforming it into modern neoconservatism to service Israeli interests.

These days Horowitz goes around harassing US college professors and student groups he has deemed “anti-Israel” and “anti-Semitic.” He routinely puts out spurious charges against student groups he claims – with scant proof – are fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood, an activity which is part and parcel of his kosher conservative disinformation campaign to make the pro-Israel side look like the disadvantaged underdogs to a prevailing “Leftist-Muslim” alliance within academia. Despite Horowitz’ delusions, the pro-Israel Jewish lobby is the most dominant political force in Washington, effectively dictating foreign policy to presidents who dance like muppets at AIPAC’s (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) annual policy conference. The most the pro-Palestinian side has been able to muster with their meager influence is getting “Israeli Apartheid Week” recognized on some college campuses.

Horowitz has been pushing that narrative for at least a decade, coming out in 2004 with a book called Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left. Paul Joseph Watson, Milo Yiannopoulos and the Alt-Lite clickbait brigade have breathed new life into Horowitz’ Leftist-Islamist conspiracy disinformation, repackaging and dispensing it to their low-information social media followers who will believe anything their Alt-Lite lords tell them.

Opening his interview with Horowitz, Jones said he “proudly” agrees with 95% of what Horowitz says, and that he’s doubly “proud” to snub “all the anti-Semites and Islamists” by having him on. “[The anti-Semites] …. have tried to bully me, tell me what to do and make up crap all these years,” Jones complained, going on to confirm that what his critics have said about him selling out to Jewish interests “is now coming true. I support Israel and its right to exist.”

Horowitz went on to spout his usual rubbish about how Jewish-Zionist underdogs like him face an uphill battle against the overarching Leftist-Islamic power structure dominating America and the West, ignoring that “the left” is just as controlled by Jewish interests as the kosher right that he represents.


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