Eric Hunt Does 180 On Holocaust, Believes Official Story Now

Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

Upon hearing that Eric Hunt – who was until recently a Holocaust revisionist film maker – has recanted significant parts of revisionism, I wasn’t the least bit surprised. Judging by Hunt’s past behaviour, it was predictable that he would at some point reverse himself on the Holocaust, and become, as he has now, a strident defender of the official conspiracy theory.


A couple of weeks ago Hunt wrote a long screed professing his new-found faith in the homicidal gas chambers and presumably something close to six million Jewish victims, citing principally a number of ambiguous photographs that don’t prove much, let alone that gas chambers were utilized to extinguish millions of people.

Hunt also cites the lack of a solid explanation from the revisionist side of where Jews shipped eastward during the war ended up afterwards if they weren’t killed in the Reinhard camps in Poland. While I haven’t studied that aspect of the story too closely, I suppose the answer may be the same as the revisionist response given to those who muse “if six million Jews didn’t die, then where did they all go?” The answer to that is simple: the ones who didn’t die of natural causes or as genuine war casualties – succumbing to disease, starvation, or being killed in the bombings or as soldiers and partisans in battle – simply survived and resettled into various countries after the war. Millions of these “survivors” turned up all over the place and applied for reparations payments when that became available to them via the emotional blackmail scheme enforced on Germany by Israel. I don’t see why it’s not also reasonable to suggest that Jews transferred to the east simply went on living in those countries or moved to other ones when the war came to a close. Around two million Polish Jews were actually evacuated deep into the Soviet Union before the Germans arrived. After the war many of them filtered back into Eastern Europe and began filling the ranks of the Soviet-imposed communist regimes and secret police agencies that went on to kill tens of thousands of people, as documented in John Sack’s book An Eye for An Eye.

Hunt did something similar before with another big issue, 9/11, where he said that at one time he believed it was an inside job with Israeli involvement, but then had a miraculous conversion back to believing that the Bush administration’s ludicrous official version was the unimpeachable truth. He offered similar weak and subjective arguments to fortify that reversal, such as that he once visited the World Trade Centre and had a “feeling” the buildings could collapse as rapidly and explosively as they did without the presence of explosives.

Hunt isn’t totally off-base in suggesting that some on the revisionist side are overly dogmatic in dismissing anything that affirms mass killings of some kind took place. There is some of that going on, but no worse than on the mainstream end which refuses whatever to alter their highly questionable, sacrosanct, etched-in-stone “six million” version.

The more responsible and rational revisionists don’t deny that the Nazis undertook mass shootings on the eastern front and that perhaps thousands were unjustly killed, by hanging or shooting, in German camps. Responsible revisionists don’t make apologies for the Nazis’ morally reprehensible use of forced labour camps, which were just as contemptible as the Soviet Gulags. But they refute the huge camp death figures, some of which have been drastically reduced on an official basis, peddled by various vested interests and they strongly contest the functionality of the uniquely cruel gassing method said to have been used.

The Allies and Soviets needed a story that set their own war crimes apart from those of their vanquished German/Axis opponents so that history wouldn’t judge them as equally morally culpable for perpetuating the greatest bloodbath of all time. They needed a tale so horrifying that their war aims and efforts would falsely be viewed by the world at large and future generations as necessary and a heroic deed to stop an unspeakable evil – the industrialized slaughter of millions in homicidal gas chambers. The history of World War II was instantly politicized by the vengeful victors who put on a show trial at Nuremberg to vindicate themselves as valiant saviours.

Hunt very often presents his own opinion about and interpretation of certain photographs or documents as fact and as proof of his other broad sweeping conclusions. He speculates about photographs and what he thinks might have happened afterwards, since none of the ones he referenced show actual murders taking place, let alone in a bona fide gas chamber. He constantly does this, actually. He does it throughout his recantation screed as well as in his recent debate with Friedrich Paul Berg. He did it with 9/11 too, giving an anecdotal story of having visited the WTC to bolster his instinctual “gut-feeling”-based belief that buildings can self-implode without explosives.

Many have speculated as to Hunt’s motives for doing this, since he really has little to gain by alienating all of his previous supporters within the revisionist community. He really must believe what he’s saying or he’s made some kind of faustian bargain with the Holocaust promotion industry to confuse and distract revisionists from their mission by instigating endless quibbling amongst revisionists about minutia issues.

What is undeniable and what Hunt cannot possibly dispute is that the mythology of “six million” dead or persecuted Jews originates with a premeditated Jewish-Zionist fundraising scheme, beginning in the late 1800s, continuing through World War I, the post-war period, and then into World War II and beyond. Besides the obvious economic motive, the purpose of the incessant promotion of the tale that exactly “six million” Jews were being cruelly abused or on the cusp of annihilation, was to generate global sympathy and support for the idea that Palestine should be made the Jewish “homeland” for this “perennially persecuted people.” Hundreds of stories invoking “six million” and the mass mistreatment or destruction of Jews were floated in newspapers and magazines decades before Hitler would come to rule Germany. The general themes of what now constitute the official story of the Holocaust were clearly and discernibly premeditated fables designed by Zionists to further their aim of establishing a Jewish state in Palestine and have the rest of the world condone and pay for it – precisely what the post-WWII “Holocaust” legend was used for!

In fact, the chief propagandists of organized Jewry and their allies in the Soviet Union put out the myth that exactly “six million” Jews had been killed by the Nazis months before the war had even ended, long before any accurate death counts could have been undertaken to substantiate any number of Jewish victims. By doing so they stupidly betrayed the contrived and altogether mythical nature of the six million figure. Six is an important number in Jewish Gematria, the occult practice of alphanumeric coding/ciphering, as well as in the Kabballah; it also pops up in various apologues throughout Jewish religious lore, in the Torah and Talmud. Its obsessive use by Jewish leaders and groups during their 20th century Zionist quest to establish Israel on the back of an apocryphal story of Jewish persecution in Europe busts wide open this pre-planned deception.

What Hunt is doing could turn out to be positive for revisionism, as it will motivate revisionists to shore up holes in their case with additional research. But Hunt’s psychological pendulum has swung much too far in the other direction as he arrogantly seeks to one-up his revisionist critics. He has made a grave mistake in wedding himself to the official story instead of simply stating that there are some unanswered questions that revisionism has yet to account for, and continuing on with the research. Instead, he has zealously come out swinging for the mainstream narrative almost in its totality, and has even adopted the derogatory lingo of the Holocaust industry, labeling revisionists “deniers” and a “cult” comparable to Scientology. Hunt may be pursuing some kind of vendetta due to personal issues he’s had within revisionist ranks, and this is his way of “getting back” at those who he believes wronged him. Whatever the case, his extreme volte-face and haughty attitude weaken his standing among serious thinkers on this subject.


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