EU Commissioner On Migration Demands ‘Six Million’ More Immigrants

Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

The EU’s Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship has publicly called for the admittance of six million more immigrants into Europe.

The commissioner in question, Greek politician Dimitris Avramopoulos, made the remarks at a recent EU-sponsored conference on migration and Europe’s future in Geneva. He informed his colleagues there that he prefers a more constrained but consistent flow of “legal” immigration into Europe as opposed to haphazardly flinging open the borders as some globalists desire.


“In [the] future, the Twenty-Seven [EU member states] will need 6 million immigrants,” said Avramopoulos. “We are going to open offices in all the countries of the southern coast of the Mediterranean and West Africa. It’s the best way of fighting against the traffickers.”

“Obviously, we are not going to just open the borders and let everybody in,” Avramopoulos averred, warning that such a move would “only feed xenophobia, nationalism and populism.”

So Avramopoulos is concerned that subjecting the continent to a literal invasion of refugees and economic migrants from the Middle East and Africa, as some nihilistic globalists like George Soros and Peter Sutherland would surely welcome, would inevitably burst open a pandora’s box of nationalism and populism which is already sweeping Europe.

Avramopoulos is advocating a more conservative but equally sinister approach to defacing the European continent beyond recognition through mass immigration of non-Europeans.

He lashed out at Poland and Hungary for “stubbornly refus[ing] to welcome some of the refugees accepted by Europe.” Those two countries have elected right-of-center parties that, while not perfect, have been championing a soft-nationalism in the face of growing public discontent and outright disgust with immigration trends.

Hungary’s PM Viktor Orban especially has been humming a nationalist hymn as of late, publicly calling out George Soros by name as the principal conspirator behind Europe’s immigration crisis. He declared a week ago that “ethnic homogeneity” was desirable for a nation to maintain its roots and character and that too much ethnic mixing causes problems. Like a sly chameleon Orban has hijacked the rhetoric of Jobbik, Hungary’s true nationalist party, to off-set its growing popularity. Jobbik is an anti-Zionist party, whereas Orban’s Fidesz is run by cucked pro-Jewish, pro-Israel kosher conservatives who tout “Judeo-Christian” values.


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