Geert Wilders Only Candiate Opposing Mass Immigration in Holland

Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

Geert Wilders is the only candidate in the Dutch elections that wants to halt immigration and keep Holland a country for the White Dutch people, but many who prioritize Middle East issues will dismiss him as a Zionist shill for his pro-Israel and anti-Islam stance.

Unfortunately, Israel-Palestine has little play in Holland, and Dutch people have no real reason to put that issue above their own problems with immigration from predominately Muslim countries.


Wilders is certainly pro-Israel and a cuck for Jewish power, for which he should be criticized. But despite that fault he’s opposing one of the main planks of the globalist plan: the great replacement plot that seeks to erase European identities, abolish “Whiteness” and black out the great history of the continent, all to be replaced by a cultureless Mammonite creed of consumerism, vain materialism and greed.

It cannot be denied that Wilders is controlled opposition who deliberately refuses to name the Zionist Jews responsible for the Kalergi plan and their ethnic supremacist agenda. He falsely proclaims Israel an “ally” of the West and heaps praise on that bandit state. But even so, his stated policies of ending insane immigration and preserving Holland “for the Dutch people” is counter to the aims of the globalist faction, as opposed to the Likud faction, of the Jewish elite.

Like Trump, Wilders has aligned himself with the ultra-nationalist wing of Jewry, the Likudniks led by Benjamin Netanyahu, while implicitly opposing the Soros-led globalist wing whose primary aim is to destroy Whites. Siding with the Likudnik faction is foolhardy, and stupidly ignores that element’s destructive influence in the West, using the US and Nato as guns-for-hire against Israel’s Arab/Muslim rivals. But insofar as those Likudniks are solely focused on their schemes in the Middle East, they won’t get in the way of the nationalists in Europe who want to stop immigration and restore cultural hegemony for their own people.

Nationalism is being mainstreamed across the West. A Wilders victory in Holland followed by a Le Pen victory in France could set the ball rolling in the right direction, after which more principled nationalists not beholden to any faction of the Jewish elite can reach power. We cannot be hopeless utopians, banking on the pipe dream that some perfect candidate will appear and set everything right in one day. We have what we have, and until a better option shows itself, European nationalists and traditionalists are going to have to work with the lesser of various evils.

Those who are obsessively focused on anti-Zionism as opposed to more localized nationalism will predictably say Wilders is no good and must be wholeheartedly condemned. But if Wilders’ stance on Israel discredits him entirely, then wouldn’t the fact that many anti-Israel activists on the left are also anti-White cultural marxists who support mass immigration discredit them as well? Are their grievances about Palestine automatically invalid because they either don’t understand or outright support the anti-White agenda? Very few people have this all figured out, and elite Jews have infiltrated and coopted elements on both the left and the right to serve their interests.

It is our job to tell the truth about what is happening, whereas politicians running for office face numerous constraints that inhibit their ability to speak the truth about the big taboos. In Europe it’s doubly difficult to tackle the JQ with laws in place that punish “hate speech” against the chosen ones, so we cannot just write-off all nationalists as frauds who aren’t making that their focus. That’s why when Ron Paul ran for president, he backed off 9/11 truth and started sucking up to Israel, even though most of what he advocated ran directly counter to the agendas and policies of the criminal Zionist elite.

The burgeoning nationalist sentiment in Europe is promising, and should be marshalled to drive the discourse further towards the truth about who is ruining our world.

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