Marine Le Pen Cucks for Russia After Taking Russian Bank Loan

I think National Front leader Marine Le Pen is the best candidate for France at this point, but she needs to be criticized on two points: her cucking for Israel/Jewish Power and her cucking for Russia and Putin.

Ever since receiving a 9 million euro loan from a Russian bank in 2014, Le Pen has been shilling hard for Russia, justifying the Crimea takeover with standard Russian propaganda such as “Crimea has always been Russian” (not true) or that a dubious hurried “referendum” that took place under Russian military occupation was “legitimate”.

She has also been pushing hard the idea that the US, France and Russia should join forces to battle “the Islamist threat” abroad, while she praises Israel as an ally and purged “anti-Semites” from her own party.

Despite those faults, she is the strongest voice against mass immigration and globalism in France.

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