Progessive Hack Abby Martin Releases Biopic on Steven Bannon

Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

Continuing to pursue her hard-left progressive agenda at Venezuelan network TeleSur, Abby Martin just released a new biopic on Steve Bannon, President Trump’s chief strategist who she depicts as a far-right racist and white nationalist with a lust for war.

Martin goes through some of Bannon’s history in the military, touching on his foray into Wall Street, film-making, and his involvement with Breitbart News.

She then rummages through Bannon’s personal life, drudging up allegations of domestic abuse from the 1990s culminating in a supposed attack on his ex-wife Mary Piccard.

Martin plays up the tenuous “Alt-Right” link to Bannon, even though Bannon’s Breitbart News website was never truly a “platform for the Alt-Right” as is often said by incompetent mainstream media outlets. Rather, Breitbart represents some mild form of Alt-Lite and Judeo-Christian cuckoldry pushing American exceptionalism and subversive pro-Israel narratives.

A more valid critique of Bannon is one from the Right. Far from a genuine ethnic nationalist, Bannon represents Mammonite civic and economic nationalism, exalting American capitalism and corrupted “Judeo-Christian” values. A staunch Zionist and Israeli boot-licker, Bannon has aligned himself with Jewish neocons and Likudniks who endeavor to spark more Middle East conflicts that serve Israel’s parasitic interests.

While Bannon harbours some vague pro-Western and ostensibly pro-White sentiments, he is essentially controlled opposition who puts Jewish interests above that of White Gentiles. Breitbart under Bannon never allowed genuine critique of the heavily documented leading Jewish role in Cultural Marxism and the globalist experiment to multiculturalize and disfigure the West. What good is any critique of multiculturalism and the globalist agenda if the actual architects are shielded from scrutiny? Moreover, Breitbart censors and downplays the destructive influence of Jewish neoconservatives and the Israeli lobby who have driven the West into senseless wars for Israel in the Middle East.

Throughout the video Martin flippantly dismisses the notion that Whites and Western cultures have come under a globalist assault as a “conspiracy theory” peddled by right-wing blowhards. Beholden to her progressive ideology which is doctrinally opposed to seeing White males as anything but oppressors, Martin brushes aside masses of evidence showing that globalists, capitalists and Zionists have joined forces to make Whites a minority in every country that they live. Endless mass immigration into all Western countries and incessant state and media propaganda promoting White guilt sharply contradicts the leftist progressive view that Whites are still a domineering and racist overclass oppressing “the helpless minorities” in their midst.

Denied by Martin and her progressive co-religionists is that over the past 50 years the tide has turned so far in the other direction that White males are now being treated as second class citizens in their own countries, and have been earmarked for extinction by the ruling elites. There’s no better illustration of that point than the comments of former Vice President Joe Biden. He told reporters that mass immigration of non-whites into the US “is not going to stop, nor should we want it to stop.” He continued, stating that “an unrelenting stream of immigration” will continue indefinitely, making “folks like me who were Caucasian of European descent for the first time in 2017 … an absolute minority in the US.” “And that’s not a bad thing, it’s a source of our strength,” he added.

Martin ended the film by denouncing Democrats as useless corporate stooges cut from the same cloth as Republicans, who “cannot be trusted to lead any real opposition” to the Trump administration. Instead, Martin appealed for a “united multicultural progressive movement in the streets.”


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