Russian Chauvinists and Cultural Marxists Align to Destroy West


Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

These days Russian mouthpieces sound a lot like cultural marxists, blasting “the West” generically for all of the global east and south’s failings. It could be said that Russia and cultural marxists have parallel interests at the moment, both seeking to tear down and fracture Western countries to serve their respective ends. The Kremlin and its civilian ideologues like Aleksander Dugin strive for this because they view certain Western powers, principally the US, as geopolitical foes standing in the way of a resurgent Russian hegemony over Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. Hoisting the Russian flag over what they view as an Eurasian sphere of influence is their mission.

Concurrently, the cultural marxists based out of major Western universities, alongside their antifa and social justice warrior foot soldiers, aim to tear down the last vestiges of “patriarchy” and male dominance in the West, as well as to erode ethnic bonds that could conceivably generate a movement like Fascism or National  Socialism again. While they have different motives and objectives, the present rulers of Russia and the cultural marxists have entered into a marriage of convenience when it comes to throwing the West into chaos and disarray.

Dugin even told an interviewer that while he opposes postmodernism for Russia, he wants to strategically harness the ideology and its emphasis on relativism to deliver his “special Russian truth” to the world. In other words, Dugin wants to spread lies dressed up as “relative” truths in pursuit of his agenda, which is the resurrection of a Russian empire modelled on a fusion of authoritarian Soviet and Czarist political structures.

Russian chauvinists are nihilistic, murderous, even genocidal. Some of them openly exhort the killing en masse of perceived “enemies” of Russia. Incensed by the conflict in neighbouring Ukraine, in 2014 Dugin publicly incited the indiscriminate slaughter of Ukrainians. The head of Russia’s Liberal Democratic Party, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, routinely threatens to “annihilate” the United States, Japan and other countries that challenge Russian power. Maria Katasonova, an active chauvinist in Russian politics and pro-Putin bimbo, put out a video threatening to blow up the world in a nuclear blast if the pro-Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine were defeated. With an Orwellian flair, Katasonova condemns Hillary Clinton as a warmonger, while she vehemently supports Russian-backed rebels waging war on Ukraine. In a televised talk show, a Russian political scientist sanctioned the genocide of all Chechens with the logic that their children might grow up to be terrorists. A leading Russian TV host, Dmitry Kiselyov, issued a thinly veiled on-air threat to turn the US into “radioactive ash” through a nuclear strike if Washington refused to recognize Crimea as Russian territory.

These and other examples of Russian extremism and nihilism don’t seem to bother the Kremlin lovers and groupies within the fold of “alt-media.” Western-based “alternative” media is, for the most part, in the pocket of the Kremlin, shilling non-stop for Putin’s kleptocracy.

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