Russian Stooge Jay Dyer Says Flynn Dismissal Work of “Deep State”

Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

The “deep state” wanted Michael Flynn, Trump’s recently dismissed national security advisor, gone for some elusive reason, according to conspiracy guru and Russian stooge Jay Dyer.

Dyer made the claim in an interview with Red Ice TV, where he theorized that elements loyal to Clinton within the deep state had it in for Flynn because he was too friendly with Russia.

Dyer said that “Boeing, Raytheon and the big corporations” are behind the scheme to depose Trump officials they don’t like. But the theory makes little sense if you examine Flynn, a retired hawkish former general who led US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, and who co-wrote a book with arch-neocon Michael Ledeen advocating with reckless abandon an expansion and escalation of the endless “war on terror.”

Why defense contractors like Boeing and Raytheon would want someone like Flynn gone is a mystery, as he was a committed militarist who eagerly helped put the Trump administration on war footing with Iran with his “on notice” stunt and then with sanctions. Is more war and militarism, which the military grunt Flynn champions with vigor, not what those companies want?

And if it really was some hidden “deep state” force behind Flynn’s dismissal, then why did Trump go along with it, accepting Flynn’s resignation?

More likely Flynn was forced to resign for the reason that he gave himself: failing to disclose to his superiors details of numerous phone conversations he had with the Russian ambassador during the election, in which a possible lifting of US sanctions on Russia was discussed. With charges of collusion with Russia already haunting the Trump administration since the campaign, Flynn’s secretive phone calls with a Russian ambassador during an active election was an embarrassing revelation that basically confirmed the Russian intrigue narrative that Trump’s more mainstream critics have been talking about for a year. Some small gesture of damage control had to be done to mitigate the fall-out, hence Flynn’s dismissal.

Dyer, a diehard Eastern Orthodox Christian and avowed Russophile, claims that any suggestion Russia has influence over Trump or his top officials is “complete nonsense.” Deceptively ignored by Dyer are real links between present and former Trump lackeys and Russia. A couple of years back Flynn himself attended a Russia Today gala dinner and dined at the same table as Putin. Flynn has also made regular appearances on RT. That he was caught secretly discussing a possible easing of sanctions on Russia before Trump was elected should come as no surprise.


Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort was once the top campaign strategist for ousted pro-Kremlin Ukrainian Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych. Trump’s former advisor Carter Page, a big-wig in the oil and gas industry, has substantial business ties to Gazprom and other Russian oil companies and has even given speeches in Russia praising that country and criticizing the US. In 2008 Page co-founded an investment firm with a former Gazprom manager, Sergei Yatsenko. Trump’s top diplomat Rex Tillerson, the former CEO of ExxonMobile and now the secretary of state, was awarded Russia’s “Order of Friendship” by Putin in 2013.

Trump himself appears to have made a marriage of convenience with the Russians during the election in order to defeat Hillary Clinton, whom the Russians despised as adversarial to Putin.

In the interview Dyer forwarded the common myth that Putin is a populist hero for jailing a handful of oligarchs whom he clashed with early in his reign, but this predictably ignores the fact that Putin simply replaced those oligarchs with more loyal ones. Despite the fantasies of Putin’s groupies in “alt-media,” financial oligarchy has actually flourished under the strongman’s rule, with 110 billionaires presently controlling at least 35% of the Russian economy, making Russia the “most unequal country” in the entire world. According to a 2014 analysis by a Russian banking website, 25% of the richest Russians today are Jewish. Some of Putin’s closest oligarch friends have helped him stash away $2 billion in offshore accounts, money probably used to finance his lavish lifestyle which includes yachts, private jets and helicopters and numerous mansions.

Dyer and other “alt-media” hacks arrogantly posture as the “truth tellers” in contrast to the “fake news” of the mainstream, yet they are just as biased and slanted as any media source they criticize. They are just as willing to spin facts to suit their theories, ignoring all evidence to the contrary. They belligerently declare everything from mainstream sources “fake”; meanwhile they wildly theorize on feeble evidence about things like Pizzagate and staged terrorism involving teams of “crisis actors.”

As relayed in a recent debate with Adam Kokesh, Dyer believes that the archaeological community fabricated dinosaurs in a conspiracy to discredit Christianity. This bible literalist flippantly dismisses science and carbon dating when it contradicts Jewish and Christian biblical fables that he covets.

Dyer has a love affair with Alexander Dugin, the National Bolshevik Russian “philosopher” who once defended African tribal cannibalism as “perfectly reasonable and fully responsible,” exhorted Russians to begin killing Ukrainians en masse, and said that Russia should harness the ideology of postmodernism to deliver his “special Russian truth” to the world.

In all his years of pedantic geopolitical analysis, Dyer has failed to sufficiently identify the elephant in the room: Zionism and the Jewish lobby. He goes on and on about corporations, defense contractors, “globalists,” the “deep state,” the Bilderbergers, occultists, satanists, “liberals” and so on, but routinely skirts around the overwhelming Jewish-Zionist element behind all of that. His purposeful avoidance of Jewish power is a business decision, as he makes a living off of his conspiracist output. Too zealously focusing on the real power brokers would surely cut into his profits, so he’s adopted the Alex Jones model, assigning blame to a series of elusive phantoms that nobody can properly discern.

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