Turkish Riots Could Help Put Geert Wilders in Power

Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

Unruly Turks have been rioting in Holland after a Turkish official was blocked from entering the country to give a speech.

Rioting Turks in Holland disproves the viability of multiculturalism and demonstrates that allowing the mass influx of foreign groups weakens and divides nations, precisely the opposite of what the multicultural utopians have preached for so long.


With open displays of Turkish disloyalty abound, Geert Wilders, the nationalist-populist leader of the Freedom Party, is favoured to win the looming elections. For years Wilders has warned of the dangers of Islamic immigration and appears to have been vindicated by the riotous Turks who openly fly Turkish flags and posters of Erdogan, Turkey’s strongman prime minister who launched a brutal crackdown on internal opposition last year after a failed coup. While far from ideal, Wilders is one of the only politicians in Holland calling for a total shut down on immigration.

Turkish officials are now issuing veiled threats to tear up a deal with the EU to contain the migrant invasion of Europe. Late last year Erdogan similarly threatened to “open the floodgates” if talks of Turkey’s EU membership didn’t go forward. Turkey has used migrants as a bargaining chip to get favourable treatment from Europe, as the Turkish dictator Erdogan solidifies his totalitarian rule in his country, using the failed coup and the conflict with the Kurds as pretexts for an absurd power-grab.

The Erdogan regime was crucial to the early successes of the rebels in Syria, providing all manner of support to the militants and leaving their border with Syria wide open for use by militants.

Erdogan lambasted Holland as representing “Nazi” remnants for refusing entry to two Turkish officials, meanwhile the tyrant just last year arrested tens of thousands of his own people, including innocent school teachers and civil servants, under the pretext that they may have aided the coup.

Many have noted that Erdogan aspires to be a New Sultan who wants to return to the glory days of the Ottoman empire. His support for rebels in Syria can be seen as part of a push to spread Turkish control over former Ottoman colonies in the Levant. So not only was the megalomaniac Erdogan instrumental in causing the migrant crisis by supporting one side of the war in Syria, but he has also endeavoured to weaponize the migrants and refugees he helped create to blackmail Europe.

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