Turkish Sultan Erdogan Calls Dutch “Nazis” for Blocking Turkish Minister’s Speech

Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

Turkey’s aspiring Sultan, Tayyip Erdogan, has lashed out at the Dutch for blocking the entry of a Turkish minister who was scheduled to deliver a speech to Turkish ex-pats in the country.

The Dutch government is comprised of “Nazi, fascist elements” said Erdogan, demanding that Turkey’s foreign minister be able to rally support from Turkish immigrants in Holland. Responding to the incident, Erdogan threatened to put sanctions on Holland and to restrict Dutch travel in Turkey.

RT recounted the events:

Cavusoglu had planned to attend a political rally in Rotterdam to drum up support among the city’s Turkish residents for Erdogan’s proposed overhaul of Turkey’s constitution, which would dramatically increase the president’s powers. Local authorities in Germany recently canceled several similar political rallies for Turkish ex-pats as well, which also drew strong criticism from both Cavusoglu and Erdogan.

This is the same Erdogan and Turkish regime which, while fulminating against the “Nazi” Dutch for enforcing their own border controls, was a prominent backer and collaborator of the genocidal ISIS and al-Nusra terror groups that used Turkey’s porous border with Syria to flood marauding terrorists into the country. Turkey’s intelligence services were acting with impunity – thanks to Erdogan’s complicity – as they showered weapons and aid on Syrian rebels fighting against Assad, including some Turkmen militias fighting alongside the Nusra Front.

Population data from 2009 put the Turkish population in the Netherlands at 378,330, which is 2.29% of the general population.

Last year, during the heat of the attempted coup in Turkey, 20,000 German-Turks rallied in support of the authoritarian Erdogan regime. Three million Turks inhabit Germany.

Turks in Europe are generally very ethnically-conscious and display clear loyalty to Turkey before their nation of residence. There have been street fights between Turks and Kurds in Germany, carrying their ethnic feud with them to Europe.

Reporting from Lauren Southern showed that Turks in the German district of Duisburg, who make up 1/5th of the district’s 500,000 people, have essentially formed a state within a state in Germany. Turkish flags are displayed everywhere, primarily Turkish and not German is spoken by the Turks, and Turkish goods stores dominate the district.

Southern rightly asks why, if these Turks have such a passionate attachment to and love of their birth nation of Turkey, are they even in Germany at all? Why don’t they all go back to Turkey instead of acting like a fifth-column in Germany?

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