New Trends in Wall Art and Décor for the Bedroom


The bedroom is a sanctuary, a place of relaxation and peace, where you can find comfort after a day’s activities. Even if this is a very personal space to any person, beyond comfort, a bedroom should also be visually pleasing, one that can also help you relax.

The latest trends in bedroom wall art and decoration still focus on comfort and personal preference with a touch of style that impresses as it relaxes. A well placed wall art and décor can do wonders for a space. Of particular spaces to decorate, which can also be a bit challenging, is the space above the bed.

Here are a few new trends to help you get started on creating a relaxing and stylish haven that is your bedroom:

Create a wall mural

Mountain range wall mural

Your bedroom is the first thing and the last thing you see in a day. Putting up a wall mural that refreshes you in the morning and relaxes you at night is key. Choose a design that invokes these impressions. There is an abundance of wall mural inspirations that fit with any design theme. From landscapes to cityscapes to the best of nature, you can easily put up a mural you want.

Hang a mirror

Decorative mirrors

A mirror can be a wall art. Mount a mirror on the wall or for a more artistic impact, hang a horizontal mirror above your headboard. Decorative wall mirrors can grouped together to create a beautiful gallery. If you’re bedroom has a minimalist theme, you can opt for a large mirror that covers a good amount of space. There are many ways to enhance your bedroom with mirrors, just let your creativity flow.

Put up a gallery wall

Collect some of your most favorite things and create a personalized gallery wall. May it be places you’ve been to, portraits of your pets, art pieces you love, or simply photos that you like – gather and mount it on the wall space in your bedroom. You can take creativity a notch higher by using clips instead of the usual.

Light a neon sign

Neon signs are an awesome way to decorate your bedroom’s wall space. At the same time, it creates a special lighting that brings serenity and relaxation in the entire room. The neon sign can serve as the lamp during the night and an innovative décor during the day. With the current trend of using neon signs as a wall décor, it’s easy to have one personalized according to your exact liking.

Motivate with wall art quotes

Inspirational quotes in the bedroom. For the last few years, inspiration quote wall arts have been the top trend, and will continue to do so this year. Inspiration quotes keeps you motivated as you rise up in the morning and reminds you that tomorrow is another chance to accomplish goals as you prepare for bed at night. Aesthetically, there are many unique ways to hang these wall arts. Put a ledge above the headboard and line up those quotes or get a large quote wall poster, frame it and let it lean on the bedroom wall.

Creating a bedroom that’s both relaxing, comfortable, and beautiful need not be a difficult task. With the help of these design trends and a great selection of bedroom wall art paintings to use, you can easily create a room that relaxes and impresses!

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