Brandon Martinez

Drawing inspiration from the Non-Aligned Movement, especially the organization’s rejection of illegitimate global power structures, Non-Aligned Media (NAM) exists to expose, in particular, the negative outgrowths of the global Zionist-American Empire. Founded by journalist Brandon Martinez, the aim of NAM is to cut through the spin and deception of mainstream media and uncover truth in history. Not shackled by the political correctness which permeates the mainstream, NAM seeks to tackle the “taboo” subjects that have been relegated to the fringes by the powers that be, emphasizing the real forces behind war and globalism. Reoccurring themes of NAM include:

  • False-Flag Terrorism
  • The Israel Lobby
  • The Mainstream Media, Hollywood and Zionism
  • Historical Revisionism
  • Supposed “Just Wars” Historically and Contemporarily
  • Ethnic Exceptionalism: Who Can be Ethnocentric and Who Cannot?
  • Race & Cultural Relativism
  • The Globalization of the Israel-Palestine Conflict
  • Thought-Crime Legislation and the State Regulation of History
  • Theology and Supremacism
  • The Geopolitical Battles Over the Middle East
  • Nationalism versus Internationalism

Brandon Martinez can be contacted by email at: martinezperspective[at]hotmail.com

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